Why HongKong

  • Hong Kong, the financial center of Asia
    Hong Kong has a rich pool of financial resources and its local financial service suppliers can provide a wide range of financial advice and solutions to help mainland enterprises choose the right resources and cost-effective funding in Hong Kong and abroad to develop their international business. Mainland enterprises can leverage the services available in Hong Kong to meet overseas compliance requirements.
  • Hong Kong, the trade and shipping hub
    HK is well-known for its timely and efficient services. Its international logistics service is closely linked with other professional services to provide integrated solutions for the trading activities of businesses.
  • Hong Kong is the best link between China mainland and the rest of the world.
    CPES is based in Hong Kong and has a global reach, serving as a vital link between the Chinese and global markets. We are committed to inviting esteemed global industry think tanks, policymakers, technology experts, top-tier suppliers across the industry chain, integrators, and end-users to congregate in Hong Kong. Our ultimate goal is to establish CPES as a professional platform that fosters global cooperation, facilitates exchange, and drives technological innovation in the fields of clean energy and energy storage.


Based in Hong Kong, the exhibition is a one-stop platform for global market promotion and cooperation;

The exhibition brings together 300+ high-quality technology and product suppliers from China and around the world, 260+ industry think tanks, and 15,000+ buyers and professional attendees, thus influencing more policymakers and participants;

The exhibition facilitates the exploration and design of solutions for 50 clean energy demonstration zones (cities/industrial parks/buildings, etc.) under construction worldwide.

The exhibition connects and facilitate product and solution matchmaking for 50+ buyer delegations from Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, and China.

2024 Hongkong International Clean Power

and Energy Storage Expo



Exhibition Segments


Solar Energy

Photovoltaics; Solar Thermal Technologies; Solar Power Plants; Overarching Product Groups;


Wind Energy

Manufacturers of wind turbines, components/supplier, Materials, Installation, Planning /project development; Operation & maintenace; Power to X/power conversion/storage


Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and transportation, fuel cell systems and components, fuel cell applications, hydrogen refueling station technologies.


Electricity trading and marketing, grids

Electricity trading and marketing tools (power supply, distribution via direct and flexibility markets); Grid management technologies and services, grid system services, grid monitoring; Grid infrastructure (e.g. transformers, substations, secondary substations) ; Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)


Smart renewable energy

DER management & system integration; Products and services for smart grids/microgrids; Virtual power plants/combined power plants; Weather and performance/yield forecasts & grid; integration of renewable energy systems; Software for analyzing and simulating energy systems; Digitalisation, data management & analytics, IoT; Cybersecurity


Commercial and Industrial Energy Services

Flexibility management (load management/demand response); Energy procurement and contract management; Energy contracting; Carbon footprint calculation, reduction and offsetting; Auditing and certification; Other energy services


Overarching Product Groups

Engineering services; Consulting; Research and development; Test institutes; Certification; State initiatives and public authorities; Trade media, publishing; Education and further training, training courses; Financial services, subsidies, insurances; Associations/societies;

2024 Hongkong International Clean Power

and Energy Storage Expo

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